If you have Oikos books your family has used, that you wish to return, or you have unused Oikos books that you would like to exchange, then please fill in the form below, and we will get in touch with you.

The Book Exchange Process

The process of submitting pre-loved books will go as follows:

1. You complete the form provided below, and send it to us.

2. We send our courier to collect your books, and deliver them to us.

3. We evaluate your pre-loved books, scoring them from 1-10 and thereafter we apply the results of the evaluation. The results being either, a credit which can be applied to your next Oikos online order, or, a donation to the children at risk programme.

4. We send you a digital gift card (which carries a discounted code) to the value of the evaluation results. You then apply the gift code on your next Oikos online order to receive that discount.

5. Your order continues to be processed in the same way, whether you apply your gift coupon code or not. The gift coupon code will be valid for one year. Please note that the gift code is not automatically applied to your next order.

The Evaluation Scale

10 : Condition – excellent
As good as new, offering a 40% of price paid for credit off your next Oikos online purchase. (invoice or order number to accompany resources)

8-9 : Condition – good
Offering a 30% of price paid for credit off your next Oikos online purchase. (invoice or order number to accompany resources)

6-7 : Condition – fair
Offering a 20% of price paid for credit off your next Oikos online purchase (invoice or order number to accompany resources)

5-1 : Condition – poor
Pre-loved resources which are found to be in a condition whereby they cannot be offered at a discounted rate on the Oikos online store, as a special ‘sale’ item, will therefore be placed into the donations stock. The donations stock is evaluated and distributed by need of various children in crisis homes, orphanages or other. The donations stock and distribution is audited (by external auditors) on an annual basis.

Terms for Acceptance

Books must have been purchased from Oikos within the last year.

The exchange-request must come from the original invoice holder.

The refund will be in the form of a gift code only.  No cash or EFT requests allowed.

Our courier will collect the books.  We cannot accept any private couriers or drop-offs, for security reasons.

Submission Form


If accepted, books will be reimbursed partially via an Oikos Store Virtual Gift Card (in accordance with the evaluation given when we receive the books).

No Cash or EFT Refunds will be given, and the refund is non-negotiable (As the courier costs are covered by Oikos, and will not be deducted from the evaluation total).